College of Journalism Journey


My first time at a news desk I was a freshman in high school, 2004


Graduating Santa Fe college and on my way to UF!

The University of Florida isn’t just a University to me. There has been a very long journey to get to where I am today and I couldn’t be more proud to call myself a Gator. It all started in high school when I was in the telecommunications program, known as TV Production, at  Park Vista High school in Lake Worth Florida. Little did I know, this would be a passion of mine. During my senior year of high school I was a little lost and had little confidence in myself. My TV production teacher pulled me aside and asked what my future goals were and I told her I had no idea. I liked sports and TV production was fun but I wasn’t convinced that I could make it a career. One day after school i was flipping through the television and i stopped on ESPN. Then it hit me why not go into sports broadcasting? The thought seemed like a good idea but I had no idea how to get to that point so I set a goal for myself and become a sports reporter. After graduation I attended Santa Fe College with my goal set in my heart and by getting to that goal I had to finish Santa Fe. After applying, and months of waiting, i received an acceptance letter to the University of Florida College of Telecommunications specializing in news. I knew after receiving the letter i was on my way. The minute I stepped foot on campus, I was running and using every opportunity I had to get closer and closer.


Food For Thought

Being a college student I realized how easy it is to grab some fast food throughout the day because I am constantly on the run. It isn’t hard to find some good food, check out my classmates Shane Chernoff’s blog if you want to find something good to eat if you’re a UF student. Talia Medina is another classmate of mine and she includes recipes in her blog if you have the time to make food on a college budget then check out her blog. Ashlyn Robinson also has a food blog so check hers out too!


My Recent Adventure

Well recently I have been a little M.I.A from the University of Florida College of Journalism. Meaning I haven’t been on campus at all this semester I mean ask Ashley Goodus she thought I graduated. Well the reason why I haven’t been on campus is because I have been taking online classes and interning at WCJB TV 20 along side Brandan McCalla. My whole semester has been consumed by TV20 sports and my job at Wahoo Seafood and Grill. Recently, I have been offered a internship position with the Gainesville Police Department which is going to be an adventure because I will be the first person with this opportunity. I will be working in the Media Relations Department working with someone very familiar to everyone at WUFT PIO OFC. Tobias. I’m sure Christina Lob remembers the name from our 89.1 days! Anyways, I’m really excited for this adventure and I can’t wait to share everything I will do there!

Preparation Week

As I prepare for Anchor auditions coming up, I have recently gone through my resume (Dana) and tweaked it to make it more professional. I know that it still needs a lot of work but I think that right now it’s a start. Today I also did a run through of a 6pm news show to practice reading the teleprompter. There’s a lot of work to be done but each day i’m getting closer and closer to my goal of becoming an anchor.

Soccer Patience

Just last week I filmed Florida Soccer for the very first time and it was interesting. It’s not a fast paced sport to film but involves a lot of patience. Goals are very unpredictable but I learned to make sure you follow the ball. Luckily, the Gators scored 3 goals and it made putting together a story a lot easier. The footage aired last friday and I was pretty proud of myself for keeping my eye on the ball this time unlike my football blog but, this time was a little easier.

Keeping Up With Sports

No, we are not keeping up with the Kardashians, we are keeping up with sports in this blog. In sports, there is news constantly breaking. For instance, today I was watching Sports Center and they were talking about Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Josh Freeman and his first start as a Viking. Right after the commercial break, the news broke that he had a concussion. It’s crazy to think that in a split second everything could change and thats why it is especially important to keep on your toes with the news in sports. Something that the news station i am interning at is constantly watching is where former University of Florida football player Tim Tebow will play next. Almost every week Tim Tebow is being brought up in the sports world. This week the media is talking about Tebow possibly going to the Rams. But knowing the world we live in now, we will soon find out if he is going there…………..Oh wait, just found out that’s unlikely too. See, you never know how quick something is going to change and my advice is stay on your toes.

Worst Sports Reporter Ever……Fail

Well this is both funny and scary at the same time because you never know at any point i might freeze up and not know what im doing…..My lesson for this one is always be prepared for the worst possible scenario. Know your script just in case something happens. This is every reporter or anchors worst nightmare!